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Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)


An industry-recognised qualification providing transferable skills.

Flexible course options which suit operational needs and individual learning styles.

The knowledge base to run a compliant and efficient transport operation.


There is a wide-ranging syllabus covering business management and all aspects of transport. Delegates need to be confident that the material they are studying and the tutors that are guiding the course are clear, concise, and as up to date as possible. The course is classed as a ‘level 3’ qualification and is the equivalent of an A-level, and runs over nine days. Although there are no formal requirements to sit the course, a good grasp of English and maths is important.

Attending an intensive classroom a great way to study. By using a mixture of learning styles our tutors will ensure you not only understand the syllabus but are also prepared for the end exams.

We will send your course material out three weeks before the course taking place. This will allow you time to familiarise yourself with the course.

You can reserve a space with a 20% deposit, click here to book now.


Exams are four times a year, March, June, September & December, these are set nationally by the exam board. All our classroom courses run to this schedule.


You can book your course by calling 02922521239 now. You can either pay in full at £1,440.00 including VAT & exam fees or reserve a space with a 20% deposit (£288.00). Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay through an invoice contact the team - 02922 521239


your management cpc qualification is valid for five years you then need to attend a three day refresher course.

to book your refresher course click  here to book and we'll get you sorted.



Operator Licence Application

We can guide you through the application process to ensure you have the best chance of a successful decision.


A Restricted Licence allows an operator, with vehicles 3.5tones and above, to carry their own goods from one location to another, throughout the UK & the EU.

Standard National

A Standard National Licence allows an operator, with vehicles 3.5tones and above, to carry goods for hire and reward (goods to be sold), throughout the UK.

Standard International

A Standard International Licence allows an operator, with vehicles 3.5tones and above, to carry goods for hire and reward throughout the UK and EU Countries.* (checks, permits & tariffs may also apply)

Application Process

Applying for an Operator’s Licence requires putting together evidence to show that your organisation has the credentials to run a safe and competent transport operation, whether that be for hire and reward or using heavy goods vehicles to carry your own goods, from one location to another.

The process involves satisfying the traffic commissioner that certain standards will be met in relation to vehicle maintenance, the fitness of the operating centre, your company finance, the reputation or repute of CPC qualified persons and the Licence holder. Within these criteria one has to consider the environmental impact of your operation, which will include notifying the public of your operation's impact on the surrounding area.

We can help your organisation collect and present the relevant information to be included with the application, incorporating advise on the systems and actions to be put into place, in order to gain the criteria for a Licence or increasing your current Licence capacity.


We offer consultation on all Operator Licence compliance matters. FORS preparation and more.


We have comprehensive knowledge on all Operator Licence responsibilities and are regularly updated with the latest legislation and developments surrounding all Heavy Goods Vehicle safety requirements. We offer half day and full day consultations, depending on some organisations specific requirements, further days or up to a week of consultation may be needed.

DVSA standard audits on specific areas of your transport operation can be administered by our consultants on your request. This can form part of a consultation, from which valuable reports can be garnered for effective change in the operation, if standards are not being met.


The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme is an auditory organisation with commercial and regulatory recognition. They provide schemes an operator or any organisation with a fleet of vehicles can enter into. There are 3 levels of accreditation, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each level requiring audits to check you have the correct safety and enviromental systems in place. We can prepare your organisation for a FORS audit, so your operating centre or centres can reach the standard to gain FORS accreditation.


Before consulting, we assess your needs, so we can ascertain how much time will be needed to get a comprehensive solution. If we can't help we won't take on the project, we will guide you to the institutions and resources that can. Should we take on a project, every stage is evaluated to see how the service has helped your organisation, whether that be in gaining accreditation, building new working cultures or putting systems in place to make your operation compliant and ultimately safer. 

Transport Manager

We can supply your operation with CPC qualified Transport Managers.

Transport Manager Requirement

If you hold or are looking to obtain an Operator’s Licence, either a Standard National or Standard International, the law requires you to have a CPC qualified Transport Manager, to make sure you are operating your Heavy Goods Vehicles in accordance with your operator licence duties. The law doesn’t require they be employed full time, you can outsource this requirement.

We can supply your operation with an external transport manager for an affordable rate per month, with little interruption to the running of your business. Outsourcing this requirement will reduce expenditure, as you don’t have to hire a full time employee, whilst ensuring you are still compliant with the law. This may suit smaller operators with 1-20 vehicles in operation.

Operator Compliance Risk Scores

DVSA uses a scoring system called the Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS). This is a 3 pronged scoring system which uses the colours, green, amber and red, to determine which operator's vehicles require regular inspection. Based on an operators performance, they can be scored green, for observing all the rules governed by their duties. An amber rating will be given to operators not been seen to follow all the rules and a red rating will be given to the operators who constantly break the rules and are in danger of losing their Operator Licence.

Our Transport Manager services are charged according to an operators OCRS. Green operators pay the least, while amber operators will pay a bit more. Red operators will pay considerably more, because of the risk they pose and the amount of work that will be needed to bring them back to a green status. Red operators will require a full audit before any prices are agreed and pricing varies on how severe their operation has performed in the view of VOSA or DVSA (audit fees will apply). Should an operators OCRS change for the better or for the worse, we will adjust our fees to match their scores

To get started please call 02922521239 or 07752880397